Rach + Sam. Married.

Rach + Sam. Married. Gum Gully Farm Wedding

Don't get me wrong, I love what I do, so much.

But a little voice inside my head holds myself back. I stop myself from really sharing too much of myself. I think that people want to see certain types of images, and I worry about this too much. I think too much about what images I should be sharing, rather than going with my gut and doing what feels right for me, as an artist.

For a long time I held the misconception that the images I create are somehow separate from myself. They are not. They cannot be. Connection is a two way affair. How can I possibly deny putting myself so whole heartedly into my work when connection is the very thing I strive for?

So here I am. Being honest to myself as an artist. Creating images that really reflect the connection I feel throughout the day. Because beneath the laughter, the jokes, the chaos, and all those pretty details, runs a deeper, quieter narrative, that pulls at me, and this, is what I keep coming back to, again, and again.