Leanora + James' heartfelt country wedding

Leanora + James' heartfelt country wedding in Ballarat

Love is a funny thing. Once you've felt it, really felt it, the notion of home becomes not a place, or a destination or a postcode, but can be found in another person. It is a love of deep knowing, of rightness, and comfort- I am home with you.

When I first met with Leanora and James they made me believe, naively or not, that everyone has their person, that if we are lucky enough, in a sea of 7 billion souls, we can each find our way home.

Being a part of Leanora and James' wedding day, (held at James' family property in the little country town of Creswick just outside of Ballarat,) changed me a little. Through spending time with them I realised that the notion of home in another, isn't naive. Through their actions, they demonstrated that it is real. And tangible. The love I witnessed during their day is evidence of that. They are two beautiful souls, so utterly suited for each other. 

May we all, if for a lifetime, or only fleetingly, find our way home. There is no higher love.


location- Creswick family property

videography-  Danae from Me and My Camera. You can view Danae's wedding film of their day here