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Based in Melbourne. Born in Brisbane. The year was 1984. My childhood was spent camping beneath the open skies and endless fields of country NSW. There were walks pre-dawn and the collecting of twigs for the morning fire. There were choruses of birdsong and the hum of cicadas. Red earth and long grass. And stillness as the last golden slivers of day faded. 

I found beauty in everything and everywhere I looked. The light made me ache. A deep yearning inside me was created. I needed to express myself. Creating became my release. 

I have lived with this yearning ever since. I want to delve deeper. Understand what is true and right and honest. What do I ache for? What do you? I will not shy away from what is hard and vulnerable, for this is where the very best magic happens.

I seek to understand the word around me through the stories we all hold. My camera is my tool. It facilitates my two loves- connection with those around me, and that deep creative yearning. 

People facinate me. 

I'm all about connection. It's what makes me tick, and is the reason why I do what I do. I put my heart and soul into everything I do. I live by my convictions and lean into uncertainty. My personal values of authenticity, connection and inclusiveness form the basis of how I live my everyday life and I extend these values into the way I approach Bonavita, I couldn't do it any other way. 

Comfort zones are made to be broken.

I used to think I had my life all mapped out. Guess what? I didn't! And that was ok.I will never stop learning. I lean into fear and uncertainty and embrace it, open armed. I am awake and unafraid. It's a reminder that I am growing and that I am human.  

I am so lucky.

I am so very lucky that I am able to share with you one of the happiest days of your life, and that, in decades to come my images will still bring a smile to your face. 

Each wedding commission I take on is held very close to my heart. The day I wake up and view what I do as "just business," is the day I will stop doing what I do.

I love coffee.

This one is rather self explanatory! Black, no sugar will do just fine, thanks!

some random facts.

I'm a perfectionist- which is great for you, it means the best imagery and albums for you and your partner. I don't do short cuts. My heart and soul is in everything I do.

I live in the quiet Melbourne bayside suburb of Seaford with my little dog Molly. I love her. I'm definitely a dog person.

Finding beautiful light and connection is what makes me tick.

I have a slight obsession with house plants, so far I'm at 40 and counting :)

I'm down to earth.

I can almost guarantee that this will be one of the first things you notice when we meet. I recognise that every wedding is different and everyone has different needs. I'll always capture you and your partner as you really are in a professional, fun and friendly way and make you feel comfortable in front of my camera. Love is love, regardless of your gender, ethnicity or religious background. I will always do kick- ass real and honest and nothing less. 

This is me, all of me. I'd love to hear more about you. Come and say hello.

Dee xo

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