2015. Year in Reveiw

2015 started as a blank slate- it was a story, yet to unfold and reveal itself , yet to be written.  I wondered about the beautiful people I would meet, the precious memories I would become entwined in.

2015 has been a big year, both professionally and personally. It has been a  year for growth and opportunity. I've continued  to really push myself creatively, always thinking, what else? What more is there? What can I see? How do I feel? How can I push my craft just that little bit more?

 It has as been a year of  story telling.

The stories I have been able to tell through my camera lens are as varied as they are beautiful. They are precious, and joyous, and humble and honest. They are loud and giddy and they are quiet and still. And they are all just as they should be- from chance meetings, to being a part of each other's lives since childhood, moving across continents,  to almost never meeting at all! Yet here they are, all these beautiful stories of the couples I've had the pleasure of getting to know thought the year.

At the end of it all I look back and think BRING ON 2016!  If 2015 has been anything to go by it will be epic and unpredictable, and everything will be just as it's meant to be. It's yet to be written, and that, is the best part of it.